NordicTrack Commercial 2950 review

A brief introduction about NordicTrack Commercial 2950

Automatic Trainer Control is a feature in iFit workouts that allows your trainer to digitally adjust your incline, decline, and speed for you.

iFit has something for everyone, no matter how they want to exercise. Use your treadmill or the iFit app to do everything from strength training to hiking.

One of the best things about iFit is that the workouts don't cease when you finish your run. iFit offers a variety of strength training programs to help you strengthen your body, as well as mindfulness sessions to help you maintain a healthy mind.

As the enhanced processor cooling increases the graphics performance on your improved 22" Smart HD Touchscreen, you can travel the globe.

The upgraded Automatic Trainer Control ensures quieter and more accurate inclination and decline adjustments, which improves the overall training experience.

Specifications of NordicTrack Commercial 2950

UPGRADED 22” Smart HD Touchscreen

1-Year iFit® Membership Included ($396 Value)**

ENHANCED Automatic Trainer Control

IMPROVED HD Graphics Performance with added Processor Cooling

FASTER Dual 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity

NEW Quiet Drive Incline Tech

NEW Android 9 OS

NEW Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity3

Two 3”Digitally-Amplified Speakers

Automatic Trainer Control

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Review



As a long time runner who loathed running on the treadmills at the gym, I am very pleased with our new treadmill. I find the quality to be as good as the gym treadmills. But what I really like about our treadmill is the iFit capabilities on a large display. Whether following an iFit session or running on my own, time passes quickly.


I love my NordicTrack Commercial 2950! I’ve been working out on it everyday since I got it in January 2021. I absolutely love iFit and all of the workouts. The trainers are amazing! The live workouts are really cool. Both my husband and I have an iFit profile. He enjoys running fast on inclines. There’s something for everyone. I’ve been really able to challenge myself whether it’s a hike, interval run, or sprinting. The 15% incline is enough for me. I made a great decision to buy this machine.


After months of watching movies and otherwise remaining inactive, I bought this treadmill and embraced iFit training videos and never looked back. The results are that I now weigh what I did in my early 20s, feel great, and people notice the difference. I went from hesitantly going on a beach walk to get started to running 10 miles or more for long runs. And despite the fact that I’m still waiting for the “all clear” to travel the world I got a beautiful look at the world through iFit.

You may want to know more:

  • What are the characteristics of NordicTrack Commercial 2950?

    The specific feature of NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is: if you buy a fully assembled product, then their fully assembled Commercial 2950 is 79.5 inches (length) x 39.2 inches (width) x 66.6 inches (height). The user of the treadmill bears a weight of 300 pounds. Then these are some of their basic characteristics.
  • What are the advantages of NordicTrack Commercial 2950?

    NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is mainly through the built-in EKG grip sensor, using heart rate zone training to achieve specific goals. Heart rate monitors used for exercise (such as wireless heart rate monitoring chest straps) are not medical devices, and their accuracy may be affected by many factors. They are also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. So their biggest advantage is that they are very safe.
  • Is the installation of NordicTrack Commercial 2950?

    For further instructions on NordicTrack Commercial 2950, ​​you can also refer to their new application BILT, which provides you with 3D step-by-step instructions on machine assembly, installation, setup, repair and maintenance. So if you can refer to their content, you will also feel that the installation of their products is not complicated.
  • What is the quality of NordicTrack Commercial 2950?

    NordicTrack Commercial 2950 has a 10-year warranty. So their warranty time is long enough, so even if you do have some quality problems in the process of using their products, you don't need to worry too much, because the quality of their products is completely trustworthy. And they treat every customer with heart.

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