Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER review

A brief introduction about Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER

The Glute-Ham Glider is a fantastic way to work on your entire posterior chain. We have some reviews to you.To perform hamstring curls, glute raises, glute bridges, standing lunges, abdominal roll-outs, and more, simply place your toes/heels into the v-shaped notch or grip the bars with your hands. To get a better workout, use bands to add resistance to your activities.

Specifications of Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER

Material:11-Ga Steel
Finish:Powder-Coated Black
Hand Rod Diameter:1-in.
V-Shaped Notch:2-in. x 2-in.
Overall Width:11-in.Overall Length:27-in.Overall Height:3-in.

Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER Review


Great addition

This product is without a doubt one of the best additions to my garage gym. Perfect for hammering your quads by doing tempo lunges and destroying your hams by doing lying hamsting curls.

Good piece

Well built and the wheels have bearings. I wish the wheels were a little bigger diameter as my fingers get caught up sometimes doing roll outs. I mostly use it for glute and hamstring work though so no big deal. For 40$ hard to beat.

Little apparatus, that packs a whollop!

I got this to fill in bc I don’t have a hack squat. Add these as a superset with a sissy squat apparatus and your glutes and hams will be on FIRE! It targets those muscles that squats and seated curls just can’t hit. This the one piece of equipment that you never knew you needed!!
Lawrence W.

Unexpected gem!

As a personal trainer with my own studio I train older adults. Many of them have limited ability to squat and lunge dynamically. The GHG avails the opportunity to “peel back” difficult exercises and empower clients with the ability to perform single leg exercises that help them move better, gain strength and confidence in their overall movement caRead more about As a personal trainer with my ownpability. The GHG is a fantastic piece of fitness equipment that is well made and is used all day long with personal training clients. It is also an incredible value.

You may want to know more:

  • What are the characteristics of Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER?

    Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER is an excellent tool for training the entire back chain. Simply insert your toe/heel into the V-shaped notch, or grab the barbell with your hand to perform hamstring curls, gl bone elevation, gl bone bridging, standing lunges, abdominal rolls and more! In order to enhance the exercise effect, try adding a strap to create resistance during the exercise.
  • What is the effect after using Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER?

    Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER allows you to perform exercises such as hamstring curling, hip bridge, abdominal stretching exercises and so on. So if you are interested in their sports, you can fully consider their products. Because their products are still very professional in these aspects. If you need their other functions, you can also tell them.
  • What is the price of Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER?

    The specific price of Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER should still satisfy most of their customers, because the specific price of their products is $69.99. Therefore, such a price will not put any pressure on your purchase, and many second customers feel that their such price is also very suitable, so their products are very good for you.
  • What is the quality of Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER?

    Titan Fitness GLUTE HAM GLIDER does not want you to worry about their quality, so they must ensure that the quality of your products is within their control, and the specific quality of their products is indeed very good. of. Many customers choose their products because their quality is good enough.

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