NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle review

A brief introduction about NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

With a 14" HD Smart Touchscreen that rotates, you can train the way you want. Ride through the Swiss Alps, then get off your bike for an iFit* strength training workout or yoga on Hawaii's beaches.

While our elite iFit trainers digitally handle the incline, decline, and resistance of your cycle, you can focus on getting an excellent workout. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the trip.

You may ride to your heart's content with everything from energizing studio sessions to breathtaking rides around the world. You can also get everything you need directly at home with iFit* alternatives like yoga and mindfulness, strength training, and bootcamp.

Specifications of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

UPGRADED 14” HD Touchscreen

1-Year iFit® Membership Included ($396 Value)**

ENHANCED Automatic Trainer Control

IMPROVED HD Graphics Performance with added Processor Cooling

FASTER Dual 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity

NEW Quiet Drive Incline Tech

NEW Android 9 OS

Rotating HD Touchscreen

NEW Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity3


Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance

Automatic Trainer Control

Google Maps™ Workout Technology2

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Review



I can’t say enough good things about this bike. I’m a life long cycling enthusiast. I Mt bike almost daily but I live in the mountains so winters are not good for outdoor cycling. I bought the S15i because I didn’t want to go to the gym during Covid. I’ve ridden every imaginable spin and conventional exercise bike out there and the NordicTrack is the best by far. I get an amazing workout and then get the immediate data summarizing my performance. It feel like a great road bike and the incline and decline features add a lot to the overall cycling experience. I love this bike and it’s been a god send in this crappy pandemic year!!


This bike has been amazing and definitely serves the purpose it was purchased for. Easy to just hop on in the morning and get a full workout or use in conjunction for warm ups which are definitely needed for leg days. The iFit trainers and options are also an added bonus as there are plenty to choose from no matter the workout you seek.


The bike is great. Love to go on rides and brought different countries!! Love the classes. Sometime just want a quick ride so I hop on the track for a few miles!! Great workout

You may want to know more:

  • What are the characteristics of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle?

    NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle is equipped with a 14-inch rotating high-definition smart touch screen to train your preferences. Travel across the Swiss Alps and then jump off your bike for exciting strength training or yoga on the beaches of Hawaii. Therefore, many customers will feel immersive when using their products.
  • What are the advantages of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle?

    The additional processor cooling function of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle provides improved graphics performance on the upgraded 14-inch rotating smart high-definition touch screen. These products can be connected to WIFI, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual Wi-Fi connection to power your iFit* exercise and provide a better overall experience. Such products are very modern.
  • What is the quality of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle?

    When you receive the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle, you will also receive a test certificate to prove that the quality of their products is absolutely perfect, so you can trust them to a certain extent The quality of the products is very high. Then you should also like to buy these products from them.
  • Do you want to know about the installation problems of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle?

    The installation of NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle should not be a big problem for you, because each of their products has detailed installation instructions, so you need to pay attention to whether you need their manual installation, if you It requires their manual installation, and you also need to contact them.

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