Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg review

A brief introduction about Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg

There are reviews about Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg below, you can read it for reference.While functional training is crucial, we recognize that muscle isolation and focused training are as important, and we bring our legendary commitment to quality, performance, and durability to the Eleiko Curl Bar. A secure and comfortable user experience is ensured with a comfortable grip and hand location, as well as high-quality components that enable ideal rotation.The bar's angled form allows for a range of triceps and biceps training hand positions. Weights do not slip because of the lightly grooved sleeve.

While we advocate for functional training, we also recognize that muscle isolation training has its role. Eleiko's Curl Bar has the attributes and characteristics that Eleiko is known for, such as premium steel and needle bearings for performance and durability. This curl bar is a terrific choice because it has a pleasant grip and features that provide users with a safe and comfortable experience.


If you are looking for the Eleiko quality and performance when performing targeted biceps and triceps training, this is a great option.  


  • Four needle bearings ensure quality performance and longevity.

  • Mildly grooved sleeve prevents weights from slipping.

  • The bars shape, with its strategic shaft bends allow for a comfortable position while lifting and help reduce the risks of common injuries and strain.

  • Users can find the grip and position that feels best to them so they train in comfort.

Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg specifications

Unit of measurement

Sold individually

Article code



1316 mm / 51.81 in.


12 kg / 26.46 lbs


12 years



Grip Surface


Sleeve Surface


Bearings and Bushings

Needle bearings

Grip Marking



1.2 - Balanced

Max Load

500 kg / 1102,31 lbs

Dustproof Seal


Grip Diameter

28 mm / 1.1 in.

Sleeve Diameter

50 mm / 1.97 in.

Loadable Sleeve Length

230 mm / 9.06 in.

Flange Width

20 mm / 0.79 in.

You may want to know more:

  • What are the characteristics of Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg?

    Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg has four high-quality needle roller bearings to ensure smooth rotation, and the slightly slotted sleeves prevent heavy objects from slipping off. So their design is very user-friendly, and their products are also very special. You still need to understand the specific characteristics of their products.
  • What is the price of Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg?

    Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg is not too expensive, nor too cheap, because the specific price of their products is $424.00. But their products are worth the price, because the quality of their products is very good, and their service is also very good, so if you have any questions about the price of their products, you can tell them .
  • What are the advantages of Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg?

    Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg comfortable grip and hand positioning, and high-quality components for optimal rotation ensure a safe and comfortable user experience. The inclined shape of the rod supports various hand positions for triceps and biceps training. The slightly slotted sleeve prevents heavy objects from slipping off. So this is their biggest advantage.
  • Where is the production location of Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg?

    Many customers still want to care about the origin of their products before purchasing Eleiko Curl Bar — 50 mm, 12 kg. And they are mainly produced in the United States, so you don't need to worry about transportation or production location. This is also a problem they need to assure you. You only need to rest assured to buy their products.

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